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They will need to constantly learn about the hundreds of new innovations AWS releases per year to evaluate how they impact the architecture of your application. Building architectures according to your application requirements is not a one-time activity. Choosing to take on the architecture design work within your company means you need to locate, hire and retain certified experts, which is costly and time consuming. I attended the first two trainings in the past so I could have some hands-on experience with security on AWS. The exam readiness training provides you practice questions throughout the day. These questions are very similar to the ones in the official exam so it’s definitely worthy.

The Future of AWS: Innovations, Challenges, and Opportunities – Medium

The Future of AWS: Innovations, Challenges, and Opportunities.

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The program’s capstone projects incorporate experiential learning by requiring learners to solve known industry challenges. Learners design and develop a working application that demonstrates their skills and ability to use AWS services and Python code to create cloud-based solutions that solve real-world scenarios. Confidently prepare for AWS Certification exams with flexible learning exam prep training designed to introduce aws cloud engineer foundational AWS concepts and progress learners to exam ready. All AWS Partner Certification Readiness training includes your choice of on-demand, or live, virtual sessions with AWS experts that are offered in multiple languages for your convenience. If you followed by previous blogs, you know I am proud of myself taking notes. I could always find 10 or 20 minutes during my breaks or even during my business travels.

Passing the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam

All I ask is that you contact me and
give me some feedback on what you didn’t like. I learned from my colleagues that Zeal Vora had a good training on and although I was not familiar with Zeal’s teaching style, I tried it. I found Zeal’s training videos well organized and although some of them were lengthy, he did a good job showing me how various services worked and how they worked together.

I personally love studying on physical books as they keep me away from screens and internet distractions. Unfortunately, unlike other AWS certifications, there aren’t many books specifically dedicated to the AWS Security Specialty Certification. The only one available at the time I studied was Zeal Vora’s AWS Certified Security Specialty Study Guide published in 2018.

AWS Certified Security Specialty Study material

Regardless of your specific job function security is everyone’s responsibility and the more you know about how security works in the cloud the more secure your systems will be. This AWS certification proves your ability with scaling, moving, overseeing, and sending AWS frameworks. Professionals undertaking this certification are required to have at least one year of first-hand experience dealing with cloud applications on the AWS stage. Network security is also critical in cloud environments, and there are several tools to avoid issues.

aws certified security

I found the following classes gave me a solid foundation for the material, but most classes cover the basics so use the vendor of your choice. No class will cover every facet of the exam, so I encourage you not to take a class and then immediately sit for the exam. Using a variety of materials in your exam study prep will give you a more thorough understanding of the material than relying on a single method. Field Engineer is one of the fastest-growing freelance marketplaces that streamline engagement between on-demand field engineers and business customers.

How does the curriculum help produce ready-to-hire developers?

We provide digital badges as a benefit of earning an AWS Certification to showcase certification status. Claim benefits to help showcase your achievement and advance your AWS expertise. We offer flexible, convenient options for taking exams so you can select what works best for you. Learn which AWS Certification is right for you based on job roles you are in or aspire to attain.

aws certified security

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